What is Agile development?

We are a company with experience using the Agile software development methodology. If you are not completely sure exactly what kind of solution you need, or your budget is limited, we can still help you. Let's look at what Agile is.

Agile development involves the initial creation of an MVP (minimum viable product).
As the name implies, it is a product with a minimal set of features, a simple product that allows us to understand how the system works and what we need in order to move on. This is a good way to understand the system in parts, instead of trying to immediately digest the whole thing.

Consider an abstract example. A client wants a tool that would allow him to dig a pit, and he is thinking about buying an excavator. An excavator is a major investment, both financially and in terms of maintenance. You have to start working with it and train the operator. So sometimes it makes sense to first offer the customer a shovel – it can also dig dirt, and it may well suit the client's needs at an early stage.
minimum viable product
Compare how much time and money would be spent on purchasing, training, and technical support for a shovel versus an excavator! The same is true in software. Does it make sense to implement an entire system, if the budget is limited and it's not clear how customers will use it?
So, for starters, you can implement a minimum viable product for your future system. The cost of developing such a product is usually from 2 to 10 times less than the total cost of the system. After this stage, you will already have the first version of the product that you can offer to your clients and use as a "news opportunity". In addition, you will have customer feedback about what they want.
For example, to develop a mobile application for a shopping center, the minimum viable product could be an informational app with a simple list of the stores in the shopping mall, a map, and the hours it's open. The next step could be free push notifications announcing discounts and promotions for mall visitors. Later, it could be personalized push notifications customized to the visitor's profile. After that, it could be navigation through the mall, purchasing tickets, and many other interesting features.
Our company uses weekly iterations, and you'll see the first results within a week. Every week, we show our customers what we've accomplished, get feedback, and then continue development. This is how we ensure that the result is fully consistent with the client's expectations.

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