Product customizers
Product customizer is a web service that can be built in into any e-commerce web site and enable its user to select any of your products, personally customize it having chosen the required parameters or even create an unique individual design.
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Our case study
Client & Objective
Develop wrist watch visual constructor for online shop that makes it possible to create watch designs and choose the ready-made variants. Connect application to CS-cart.
We started our work with a search for ready-made online shop solutions. It had to have following functions: ordering, online catalogue, adding products, order tracking. As we didn't find any flexible platform we had to develop proper client part satisfying the requirements.

Let's give it a try and construct an exclusive wrist watch. Following is one of our projects "Visual wrist watch constructor for an online shop".
A customer has just got to follow a few easy steps to get it done:
1. Select product from catalogue (i.e. wrist watch).
2. Select product parameters (i.e. watch design and a watchband).
3. Choose a picture or upload it from your computer onto a site (you can use your favourite photo or picture as a background of your watch face).
4. If you want, you can make an inscription on the product (a good wish or your favourite quotation could be placed on a watch face or wristband or you can even have a few lines engraved on the back side of your watch).
5. Evaluate and enjoy your result.
6. Pull your purchase order and have it paid.
Our project "Visual wrist watch constructor for an online shop"
We managed to create web application for wrist watch visual constructor, enrich the client part with the strong logic that enables to load watch elements in a browser window dynamically and show them in the constructor. Moreover we designed user-friendly constructor interface for adding different watch components (straps, collets, display and others).
Technical architecture
We used CS Cart for data storage and FabricJS for some other features such as constructor canvas, data loading and rendering of watches parts.
Benefits for business
This modern technology will allow you to exercise an individual approach to every customer.

It will save you time that you might spend communicating with your customer and closing the sale.

Purchase order processing time will be significantly reduced.

You will get a full visualization and understanding of your customer needs as you both see the end result.
Cost calculator in our template "Sigma"
What businesses can use it?
Souvenir, clothes and shoes retailers, publishing and printing businesses could use this service so that their clients can customize their business cards or create tailor-made note pads. Accessory shops can definitely use it as they offer a lot of possibly customized goods, such as mobile phone cases, watches, bags and thouthands more.

And of course food! There are some cases when a customer might be allergic to a certain product or just distaste it. With a product constructor you can easily create a combo of ingredients that will meet your personal taste.