iBeacon apps
It can be used to determine the device's physical location, track customers, or trigger a location-based action on the device such as a check-in on social media or a push notification.
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iBeacon - what is it?
iBeacon is Apple's technology aimed to revolutionize the world of commerce. The technology assists iOS or Android app to spot the occurrence of an iOS device as it appears at a detectable range from iBeacon. This technology is built upon the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wireless Technology. Two plain thing are necessary to have: a broadcaster (Bluetooth iBeacon device) and a receiver (iOS device with the app). Broadcaster conveys signals and once receiver enters its working range, it receives such signals and responds back in an appropriate way.

Have you desired of entering a restaurant and immediately having all possible notifications messages and special deals pop up on the screen of your mobile device? Have you had an itch to get a simple way to pull an analysis on all of the customers that enter your store? If the answers to both of above questions is yes, the time of celebration has come because iBeacon is already here to make your desires come true!
Estimote Beacons
Our case study
Client & Objectives
  • Develop application for shopping mall, what should be a product startup prototype for the investor.
  • Use modern technologies.
We have developed concept and design of native iOS and Android applications for a startup. We implemented: user interface (for an individual), authorization/registration system for administrators, users and owners of shops, notifications, advertising tool, mechanics of creating user interests and search functionality for them.
Our concept design for shopping mall
Technical architecture
iBeacon for iOS, Estimote SDK for Android.
The development of the application resulted in the improvement of the visitor experience, namely:
Collecting customer feedback unostentatiously
When your customers are shopping your store, an appointed beacon can enable a push notification in the app which can go for people to share their feedback on how they are being waited on in the shop. That information can be kept saved and later the managers can pull reports for every shop to verify what they have to enhance.
Exposing information about specific goods
Passing by a sound system you consider buying, you might just desire to watch a video on your mobile device demonstrating its features and benefits rather than reading boring manuals or having a salesperson talking you into an immediate purchase.
Indoor routing and directions
Shopping at gigantic malls, can you recall how often you had to start looking for the information desk just because you did not know the way to the shop where you bought something really nice last month. iBeacons could easily give you directions wherever you would like to get.

We are very much confident that there are a lot more ways out there how retail businesses could benefit from using this technology, above are just a couple that came up our mind. If you can think of any others, just drop us a comment.
Efficient advertising tool
Being the proprietor of a retail business and using iBeacon technology could really assist you to encourage your customers' attention because it enables you to forward advertising messages right to the proper user once his or her device enters iBeacon working range inside your shop. These fine tuned messages will allow to increase your sales and be the way to improve your customer shopping routines. On top of above, beacons and customer loyalty apps could be used as one to reward customers for a zillion of location-based actions.

Beacons also eliminate the natural square footage limitations of a brick and mortar stores by being able to offer more goods and services, finally extending selling capabilities and potentially increasing your sales per square foot. As an example you can take Macy's, the USA's leading chain of department stores that was the first retail business to introduce this technology. In collaboration with Shopkick app, Macy's started sending their customers the location-based special offers, discounts and other information while they were shopping in their store. The result of that experiment was so shockingly successful that they decided to install over 4 000 iBeacons in their stores all over the US. Now other biggest retailers are also following this trend. According to Business Insider over 85% of American top 100 retailers had at least a few beacons installed by the end of 2016. Beacons are now expected to influence millions and millions worth of retail sales.
Advantages of iBeacon
iBeacon showcase
How iBeacon application works
As a business firm, you might ask about the various advantages of employing iBeacon. So here are some of the most exceptional and path breaking advantages offered by this technology:
As a business firm, your main target is to know about the satisfaction level of your customer. The iBeacon technology precisely works for the same. Through iBeacon, you could analyze the various statistics related to the customer without any extra effort. As soon as a customer walks into your store, you could meet up to his demands without even deploying any employee for him. You could keep a track at your employees and monitor that employee came when, or at what time of the day does your store get the maximum footfalls.
One of the most important advantages of iBeacon is automation. As soon as people having your mobile app in their smartphones enter your store, the doors would be automatically opened for them through iBeacon. You could also use this technology as an advertising medium. For example, as soon as the person crosses a particular check point, he could be greeted about all the recent products in your store.
Micro location
Though GPS offers the best navigation and tracking but it is observed that GPS does not prove to be beneficial inside any building. But with iBeacon's micro location geofencing, you could conveniently set up navigation even inside your office premises.
Unlike NFC, iBeacon could prove to be very cost efficient. The range of NFC is only up to 0.20 meters while that for iBeacon is up to 50 meters. So you could imagine the cost that you would have to incur if you set up NFCs in your office rather than iBeacons. Also, the hardware of Beacon is considerably cheaper and could be installed anywhere at a considerably low cost.
Beacon hardware is quite affordable. For instance, a set of three to four iBeacon transmitters that is linked to an app and a CMS cost around $100 or even less. What's more, setting up a beacon hardware is pretty simple and contains a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). Once you've installed the transmitter, you are only left with the process of creating tags, actions, etc.In a nutshell, the iBeacon and other beacon brands are cheap and can be used instantly since it they come available in ready-to-use form. So even if you are unsure if beacon technology will be successful for your brand, it is worthwhile and cost-effective to at least test it out.