Interactive map for nature sanctuary "Stolby" in Siberia

Concept, development and launch of native iOS and Android applications for visitors

Development history
During a regular corporate hike in the Stolby Nature Sanctuary, we saw a beautiful arch between two enormous boulders. It led to a new unexplored path that we have decided to conquer. After the trail ended, our director, as the most courageous, first decided to pave the way for us. At some point, we realized that we were lost, and a pioneer fell on his neck in the snow. Returning home, we realized that it was not the first time that one of us was lost in the Stolby.
Since then, the idea of creating a mobile application was born, to convert the user's mobile device into a full browser with information about the Stolby.
Our main task was to make a vector map that would work without the Internet. In addition, we would like to improve our technological skills in mobile development, especially in AR and mapping technologies.

Our solution

What has been done
Originally we planned to create our apps using Xamarin but suddenly it proved to do more harm than good. That's why we changed our course and started development of native apps from scratch. Now our applications are as fast and efficient as possible.

For Android app we used an extremely cool and powerful Carbon library which offers our users with all kinds of devices an opportunity to embrace Material Design concept. Using "Stolby" they can feel what users with new phones feel everyday. We are fans of Material Design so we follow its principles and ideas in all mobile apps.
What could user going to "Stolby" possibly need?

Our suggestions are:
  • A map with navigation features
  • A list of POIs
  • And their descriptions
Our map uses OpenStreetMap data so everyone can take a part in its improvement. You just need to create an account on site and share your knowledge – a piece of cake, eh?

We gathered all available data about most popular rocks in the reserve and included them in our app. Now everyone can learn something new about a place where they are going to go, maybe, next weekend. Not so long ago we added an English localization to "Stolby" app and now any foreign tourist can check out magnificence of the rocks and our awesome app with us!
We developed a mobile app for Stolby, the nature sanctuary in Krasnoyarsk, with a modern design inspired by the world's leading corporations, such as Google. The app allows users to view a map of the sanctuary and find its footpaths and roads. It presents detailed information about every cliff face in the sanctuary, and also tells the user how far away they are.
We created a map of the reserve with awe and love. Days and nights we spent editing styles, adding tags to the cliffs and paved trails. Now it's available for you. The most rapid, comprehensive and informative interactive map of "Stolby." Take it with you, and you will never get lost in the reserve.
Want to know which places to visit in "Stolby?" A list of all the cliffs will help you with this. We have collected information and photographs of all the reserve's most popular and beautiful cliffs in one place. Just select what you like and go to conquer new heights!
Would you like to get a brief historical background of a particular cliff? No problem! We made the most complete and interesting descriptions. If you only plan to hike on the "Stolby," this feature of our application will be very useful to you. Try!
Do you think you know more about the reserve than we do? Would you like to share their experience and knowledge? Do you enjoy photographing nature? Then help us improve our app! Use the add function to add a new cliff, attach a description or photo and send it to us!
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Our desire of discovery helped us create "Stolby", the application that breaks new ground for citizens and guests of Krasnoyarsk.
Anton Tarasov
Technical Architecture

Native-apps: Android SDK, Material Design, Carbon, Mapsforge maps, SQLite, iOS CocoaTouch, Mapbox maps, SQLite.
At the moment, our application is available for Android- and iOS-devices. Look for it in the store!
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