Online gifts store by British designers

Website stabilisation and maintenance
Retrofit work
Tracy Ackroyd - owner of PerfectlyPerfectPresents - An online store by British designers, to create the perfect handmade gifts for women. They are characterized by a high level of customer service and the unique items that they sell. A huge array of exclusive things are on display, starting with goods for the house and children to jewelry for all occasions.
We were approached by Tracy with a request to correction the defects remaining after a previous development team worked on the prototype of the site.
  • Finalize the online store's website for commercial use.
  • Allow the customer to easily select, order and pay for gifts. Thus maximizing convenience for customers.
  • Conduct post-project maintenance.

Our solution

What has been done

At the beginning of the project, some features had been implemented in the application, however, the application was unstable, as it constantly crashed at startup. First, we conducted a comprehensive study of the current errors, due to which there were problems with launching and operating the site.

Further, our team identified deficiencies, which were corrected and then published the application to a new host and implemented search engine optimization.

Initially no version control system was used, making it difficult to work together on the source code. After starting to work, we decided to go to the svn version control (with the placement of the repository on, but subsequently switched to git (, because it matched the project requirements.

In the process, the site suffered a cyber attack, which resulted in incorrect data added to the database. This type of attack, involving the execution of arbitrary queries to the database, is called SQL injection.

To protect against this type of threat, we used the following approach: filtering parameters, the truncation settings and use parameterized queries. As we were able to rapidly detect this attack and take the appropriate measures, we managed to cope with this vulnerability without any consequences for the Client.

Because of the territorial remoteness of the Client, we carried out our interactions remotely. In this case, it was customary for Tracy to correspond with us by e-mail. But this kind of communication is extremely inefficient and inconvenient, since it is difficult for project participants to quickly interact and make decisions.

Benefits for customers
- easy-to-use online store;
- real time interaction with the customer;
- rapid restitution of customer needs;
- expansion of conversions and site sales.
To optimize the project process, we were asked to interact with the customer using the Trello kanban board. This allowed the customer to monitor the status of the planned and already started work tasks. With this approach, each member of the project team and the customer themselves can easily observe the current progress and quickly interact with the organization of work on the project.
Alexander Kalinin
Team leader
Initially, we were brought together to create the idea of an individualized product for special people. Together, we improved the existing online store, through which everyone can now quickly and easily pick up a gift or for themselves to find exactly what they were looking for. And, most importantly, all while having fun and without any problems!
Individual selection of goods sorted by discounts, the ability to personalize products, as well as who the gift is for, such as "Mom", "wife", "teenager", etc.
- easily navigatable goods through a catalog developed with 7 thematic sections, each of which contains different categories;
- photos and a detailed description of the goods;
- availability of cart and profile page while preserving purchase history;
- easy order processing and payment systems via Paypal or bank cards;
- email mailing service via MailChimp.
"I'm very pleased with all the work Alex completed for me, communications were prompt and Alex dealt with requests quickly, even with the time difference he regularly contacted me in the small hours in Russia. All of alex's work was completed to my satisfaction."
Tracy Ackroyd
British designer, owner of PerfectlyPerfectPresents
Technical Architecture
Microsoft web forms.
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