Financial portfolio web application prototype

A financial web application prototype development for a startup
US financial company
Lacked a user-friendly interactive front end.
  • Develop web-application for calculation of financial portfolio, what should be product startup prototype for the investor
  • Use modern technologies
  • Visualize server data on recommended portfolio structure

Our solution

What has been done
In order to show financial information in a comprehensive and attractive manner we have decided to use the D3 (Data Driven Documents) library that is the data visualization standard for web applications. In order to simplify the interaction of the user with the web application, it was decided to manage the 3 portfolio parameters (Risk, ROI, Lifecycle) using simple sliders. Modifying the value of each parameter, the user obtains new optimized values of the two other parameters and a new portfolio structure in form of a pie chart.
As a result we have come up with a web application that allows people that are not very well acquainted with the intricacies of the stock market to get an idea of the stock investment mechanisms in form of pie charts. The application allows to "play" with the portfolio parameters and observe the way it changed depending on the increase of profitability or decrease of risk.
Technical Architecture
  • Back end performing the calculations and portfolio modeling that was programmed in .NET with REST API as the entry point.
  • The front end performing requests to the server and the relation of data was done using AngularJS.
  • Drawing of charts was done using the D3 visualization library with the data supplied by a special adapter relying it to the data-binding system in the AngularJS framework.

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