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Development of a goods aggregator for shoppers to find best products and services

US-based company heading towards its goal of improving online experience for fellow internet shoppers.
Client wanted to implement a new-generation shopping platform where every internet shopper would find aggregated information about every product, its price and review. The purpose of this is to ease shopping experience, save time, money and peace of mind when shoppers research, compare and buy consumer products. The platform would be fast, secure and be able to add different goods providers.
  • Implement a web service for online shoppers that could be used on both desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Implement extendable architecture to be able to manage data sets containing goods, reviews and prices.
  • Implement internal screens to manage the data.

Our solution

What has been done
We proposed a web-based portal solution bases on new innovative rich web frontend technology that allows web visitors to spend less time waiting for page reloads thus improving user experience. The solution would be adaptive in terms of different devices that online shoppers could use to access this web portal. We proposed to work in agile Scrum methodology of delivering software, which meant that every two weeks we would deliver agreed portion of website functionality to the client in order for them to be able to review it and give us their valuable feedback.

The web portal consists of the following components:

  • Main web page with best picks and offers
  • Universal intelligent search bar with autocompletion that allows online shopper to type any query about any product they want to buy or learn about.
  • Products pages that show products of different categories from different suppliers as well as their reviews from all review sources.
  • Data management component that allows import of big data amounts (goods, prices and reviews) from different suppliers and vendors.
  • Monetization component that makes the software profitable by getting revenue from different partner channels.
Development went smoothly. We were using Visual Studio Online as change and bug tracking system. The team members were spread all over the world, all communications were done in Skype, Basecamp, Google Docs, Visual Studio Online.
Georgiy Savchenko
Team leader
As a result we got working software that customer will use in their venture. The platform was adapted to start as a web portal where online shoppers can find information about trash compactors ( Such a narrow application of the software was to roll it out quickly and get users' feedback as soon as possible.
Georgiy is an excellent architect, his ability to build what is required is perfect. He also functions very well as a Development Manager, and provides realistic estimates and deliverables that are always met. We are rehiring him for a diferent contract.
Alexander is an excellent team leader, he coordinates work effortlessly and provides very detailed reports on how the team is progressing. He handles change in scope and direction well, and always delivered what was promised. We are rehiring him for a different role.
Denis is a superb developer, who not only writes great code but also has great recommendations for alternative functionality. He delivers as required on time, every time. We are rehiring him for a new contract.
Jim Nightingale
Technical Architecture
The software was built with the use of rich frontend technology (HTML5, Wrapbootstrap, AngularJs) that allows faster user interaction comparing to traditional "page-reload" website technology. The internals were made in .NET Framework technology, SQL Server. The system was deployed in Microsoft Azure cloud, so we used Azure Table Storage, BLOBs for faster execution. In order to perform a full-text search over all products and prices we used Lucene.NET.

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